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Have you ever played a video game while drunk?


Have you ever played a video game while drunk?  

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  1. 1. Have you ever played a video game while drunk?

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Pretty much all fps games online and at lan get togethers, bad company two was the best.

everclear made me a beast.


the last one was destiny in the vault of glass, if you died you drank. goood times fo sho


later on i haven't so much, just a nice buzz is good =D

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When I was younger (meaning like 10 years ago or so)... it'd happen on occasion.  Only really ever drank socially though, and don't really drink at all any more.


My favorite was one time I played an NHL game (probably NHL 07 or 08) on the Xbox 360, and I did a shootout against a (once) friend of mine at a party.  He was sober, and lets just say I had my share of drinks, and I not only beat him... but beat him drunk and upside down (legs resting on the headrest of the couch, head off the seat).  Hard not to feel like you might just be a little bit better at the game than the common folk in that scenario. xD

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I drink, but not that often.  I'll sip a shot over maybe 10 minutes rather than wolf it at once.


I had played a racing game once while tipsy (not totally smashed) & it didn't go well.  Ran off the track more times than I care to admit.


At Dave & Buster's I did one shot of Johnnie Walker Black with dessert after dinner & got a mild buzz.  Instead of getting slowed down, I actually felt mildly keyed up.  Right after this, I tried Time Crisis 3 & actually did alright.  Finished the game with a single swipe of the card, ending it with about 2,300,000-2,400,000.  This was a few years ago while they still had TC3.

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There have been a couple of occasions where by the time I got home from a late night out the sun was already up so I just fired up the PS3 to sober up and tried not to waste the day too much! This was a few years ago though in my prime, now I'd probably just collapse and happily waste the entire day lol. That's assuming I even stay out that long!


I remember it feeling surreal at the time since it's like playing on auto-pilot with very little thinking.

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The most notable for me was the experiment I wanted to perform. After some celebration I came home and started to play GTA just to compare how I will be driving drunk. As for results I noticed little difference. Can't remember any other time I did so, I don't drink alcohol often, and if I do, I fall pretty fast:lol:

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Na; don´t drink any alcohol; cause I saw it enough what to much does to People.

Ejony Videogames with out it.

Sure one time in my life i was getting relly drunk in my twenties but there I had many headache; stomache and where in bed to sleep all the *** out

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