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CJ_Mystery's Trophy Triple BINGO


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So I didn't know where to put this and I know that having this is not technically a checklist but I wanted to put this down in case anyone wanted to join in and do something similar. (I am sure someone will try to move this to Forum Games even though it is not non-gaming related.)


Inspired by 360 Chrism and his videos detailing his Mario game BINGO challenges(follow THIS LINK if you want to check out his site and are interested in Mario Triple Bingo and stuff like that), I was inspired to do something similar. While I wasn't competing with anyone but myself, I thought it was a good way to force myself to earn trophies and move some games closer to their platinums... oh, and have fun while doing it. ;)


So unless you've come out from the Middle Ages, you know how to play BINGO. (Every church community usually has a BINGO night, I've participated in one church's BINGO night every week for a few months.) If you are from another planet or something like that, then the game is simple to play - you create a card with 25 spaces and put stuff in the spaces, then you try to accomplish the tasks to fill out spaces and try to fill out a row, column or diagonal and get a BINGO. There are many variants of this(I won a Blackout Bingo, which is basically filling EVERY space on the card; got a nice blanket for my mom ^_^) but I'm focusing on Triple Bingo, which is getting a BINGO fillout on three rows, columns or some combination of those and diagonals. Here's an example.




So here is my first BINGO card:




Basically, the slots I have filled are all trophies I have yet to earn. I will update with my progress daily.


First update was last night, stayed up until 3 AM to get slots. xD




  • Played Oceanhorn and got Bouncer and Hat Trick but forgot that there are no crates to push onto enemies until after you beat the Forest Shrine. ?
  • Played Digimonstory and got to Chapter 13 but still need to get to Chapter 19 so my Digi-Farm is maxed out and I can use it to max out CAM. JUST got my third island and upgraded it to Level 2. The other two islands are at max level but I would like to have three since 30 Digimon is a lot. I did get 100% CAM on a few Digimon(mainly to Digivolve Silphymon for my now max level Rosemon BM, though an Angewomon was the one that got me Level 99!) but I need a load more.

Working on now:

  • PS4: Getting Ventus to Disney Town in BBS so I can get Fantasista and Rapid Racer out of the market ASAP and get all of the Kingdom Hearts trophies off of the card quickly.
  • PS Vita: Maybe more Digimon? Though I should start up Chapter 2 on DQB to get Redeemer of Rimuldar. I have a video guide on hand to help me out with that annoying Chapter.
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(I'll try to remove the sidebar in future updates to shrink the size and bandwidth.)


Update 1:

  • Jumped onto Birth by Sleep and got Ventus to Disney Town and got the Fruitball and Rumble Racer mini-game trophies, knocking them off of the card. I also cleared a few Unversed Missions, Ice Cream Beat songs, and 100% in those world collectibles up to Disney Town.
  • Then I jumped into Catlateral Damage and took out all of its trophies on the card. Didn't realize how close I was to completing those goals! xD

So I have a 90% BINGO on Row 4(just need to go in Dragon Quest Builders to get Seasoned Decorator) and three slots in a couple of places like the middle column, bottom row and right diagonal. I will need to go into Portal Knights to work on some of them, though.

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Started another Triple BINGO challenge and found myself lacking in enough backlog trophies so I purchased the Sly Collection on Vita(which will be my last purchase for the rest of the month as I couldn't access my bank account summary at the time and didn't want to end up in the red) and added their trophies. The trophies I earned so far are the two Digimon Story trophies; Third-Rate Medal Collector (spent hours on the Gatchapon machines in Shibuya and Akiharaba to earn enough medals) and Standing Room Only(which I got from scanning Beginning of EDEN Mons because I wanted to get Hououmon on my Field Guide).


EDIT: I removed the card because I failed the second BINGO because I got sick again and couldn't complete the card. I did get one BINGO(the middle column) but some of the other trophies were too tough for me at the time. I have decided that Catlateral Damage and Portal Knights will no longer be included in the next Bingo attempt due to the sheer RNG of their trophies. :(

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