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Trophy Glitch Fix

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These are not my words I got this paragraph from https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/binding-of-isaac-na/guide/ since I have seen a lot of people having difficulties with this trophy I thought I might inform those who need it. 


******Credit to NightRusticDawn for creating the guide and having a solution to the problem, NightsRusticDawns' guide is the link above if you would like to take a peek.******




Trophy glitches: The game will sometimes not award a trophy even though you completed the task required to unlock it. It is advisable to save before any trophy unlocks. If you complete the action and it doesn't unlock, then the game will not award any more trophies.

Fix - Be sure you have upload your save data if you have none.

If you have recently uploaded your data, then delete your save file and download it from the server.

It worked for me after I didn't get the trophies for killing Satan with Judas and "the negative". The downside is I have to go back and redo all of that.

Sometimes you may be in a room and it will switch to "Now Loading" – this means the game has crashed, close the game then reopen it. You should start on the same floor.

Occasionally you may encounter texture issues i.e. the game spawning a devil door but not displayed it, the door is still there and you can enter it, you just can't see it. Exit out of the game and restart the program.

On occasion – When I was playing as the Lost, for the devil rooms, abusing the upload/reload trick, the devil rooms would only spawn HP+ items afterward. I don't know if this is a bug or what but it sucked to get there and receive nothing for it.







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