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Problem connecting to Milestone Servers

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Hey there everyone :)


I have just earned all online trophies in this game.


I encountered a few bugs, but nothing too bad. Trying to create my own track, my game crashed like 4 or 5 times in total. After the track was validated I was able to get both trophies without further problems by re-validating it 4 more times.


As for "You're one of the family", I followed the trophy guide. What I did, though, was to start the race and position myself near the finish line. Afterwards, I let the timer run down completely and finished the race when there upper left message showed "final lap". Most of the time I had to complete one short additional lap, but during every 5th run I completed the race right after passing the finish line for the first time.  Getting the wins this way, you are easily able to play another game as there isn't much happening for ~ 3 minutes again and again.


Best of success to you!


Greetings from Germany :) 

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Hi there everyone,


Though it's not part of this thread, I wanted to inform you that I just experienced a trophy glitch.


I won the West Coast championship but did not earn "West Coast champion". I only realized this after having finished the first race of the 450 championship. My guess is that I pressed x too many times too quickly. I've still got an old save and I'll try to finish the last races again to earn the trophy.


I'm not sure whether this would be interesting to anyone playing the game in the future as the trophy is, guide-wise, not considered as glitched, but I think it's better to post here just in case someone thinks that anything would have been hacked or whatever.


Edit: It seems that I chose the "East" championship twice accidentally, I thought that my last race there (Nevada) was part of the West Coast Championship :) So it's of course my fault, the trophy is not glitched.



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