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Seriously this is a weird game (Review)


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haha, I've been playing it for about a week now and I actually am starting to enjoy it - I'm at the end boss (which I have no idea how to take down) and I've spent about 20 hours or so in the game. It has its issues and I still don't fully understand the business part, but once you get used to the goat simulator physics and figure out what you're supposed to do, it's not too bad - more frustrating.

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I thought it was made by the same people who did the uncharted clone " Unearthed "

it's made by an indies called Moving Dimensions Est. appear to be an Arabic gaming studio and this is their first game which only available on PS4 and PC.


Abo Khashem is stand for " of nose " or you can call it " Mr. Nose " explained the playable character's big nose. the stereotypes simple Saudi's person who's wear only his underwear and a hat and wonder around the streets as a comedian person or someone with a mental issues.


I bet it's just a steam green light that find its way to the PS4 after Sony decided to keep the back door open which results to stuff like Horse Racing 2016, the famous Life of the Black Tiger and the likes of this.

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I'm loving this game, ever since I unlocked the double jump it's been a real pleasure. I noticed in the Cat world if you save on a moving platform & load the save it kicks you back to the entrance portal. Wonder what other eccentricities I'll find. 


*edit* I just remembered something. For the complete a dungeon in under 4 minutes trophy just save before the boss, load that save, beat the boss in under 4 minutes & that's all you'll need to do for that one. A positive trophy glitch if I ever saw one.


*edit 2* I got the over 999 damage trophy when the cops were chasing me & I jumped in my car. They busted me before I could drive away & the trophy popped. 

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