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Can't use Lie Bullets anymore?


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(Vita version) So, after starting from the first trial or reloading, I suddenly can't use Lie Bullets anymore - they worked fine during my first playthrough, but I realized after the trial I had missed the hidden Monokuma in the minigame so I decided to load the "end chapter 1" file and start from the trial again. However, when I got to the part where you learn about lie bullets and you're supposed to use one... it wouldn't work. I kept holding down the triangle button and nothing happened, it just stayed a regular bullet... Same thing when I reloaded a save from right before the trial start, so not sure what's going on... some weird bug? And I REALLY don't wanna have to restart the entire game again just for this

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...so just wanted to say it works again now, when starting again from the trial! Not sure if this is what helped but I had lowered both difficulties to Kind and also had cleared the game... not sure if either of those "fixed" it but I guess at least lowering difficulty might be worth trying if you get this bug

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