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Rock Band 4 Creative Differences Trophy


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So I only have three Rock Band instruments. I have the guitar, the drums, and one microphone. I do, however, have a headset that the game let me sing into as a mic. So I'm wondering if it is possible to have 2 microphones under 2 different controllers so I have a total of 4 instruments hooked up. Or will I have to find a different guitar or something?

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No unfortunately you'll need a second guitar.. The game will only register two microphones when you select to play vocal harmonies on a song and even then it will always assign them to one controller, if you try to connect two controllers to two microphones it will just disconnect one of them.

I believe it was Guitar Hero where you could have 4 of any instrument to make them count toward trophies, for Rock Band it's slightly more complicated because usually 2-3 microphones will all be classed as being on the same controller, so you'll always need 2 guitars and a drum set.

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