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Games you dropped and why


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Toro, Pac-Man, Everybody's gone to the rapture. 
Toro is just the worst and most broken game ever. Worse than Orc Slayer.
Pac-Man I just can't do. I love to play the game casually, but I'm just not good at the trophies. Might have to share-play it someday or so. 
EGTTR, after not popping the completionist trophy in a 4 hour slow-pace walking simulator 3 times (!!) and just messing up my entire weekend for it, I decided to stop going for it. 

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I'll probably go back to these one day, so I guess you could say I haven't completely dropped them but:


Deadpool: It's shit. It's clunky, it stutters, the camera is awful and I just hated every moment of it.

Dead By Daylight: I don't hate this game, in fact I actually really like it even if it has a toxic playerbase. But I'm sick of the devs constantly breaking it with every patch, ignoring feedback THAT THEY ASKED FOR, and refusing to alter the rate at which points are earned. Newsflash BHVR, there is no 'economy' in a game where you can't trade with other players and we have more characters a side to level now. We've gone from 3 killers and 4 survivors, to 10 killers and 12 survivors, we need more than 20k points a match when it takes over 3 million to level one damn character AND YOU NEED TO LEVEL MOST CHARACTERS FOR THEIR PERKS. They would rather keep releasing new DLC for £7.99 than fix their bloody game with much needed balance patches and bug fixes. /endrant

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