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Just finished the game and on my way to the final boss I farmed some equip and orbs I needed for the respective trophies. My last manual save was before I entered the Mana Fortress and since there's an auto-save feature, I didn't bother leaving the fortress again to save manually and planned to continue farming after defeating the final boss. However, the auto-save saves RIGHT AT THE BOSSFIGHT, which you can't leave, so, you can't use that file to continue unlocking trophies. I have to load my manual file now from before I entered the Mana fortress and so, I basically lost all my gear, orbs, XP etc. which I earned on my way to the final boss. My advice, if you get some rare stuff, I highly recommend to leave the fortress again and to save manually.

Sorry if my text contains any grammar or spelling mistakes, english isn't my first language.


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