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Survival mode impossible


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I just bought this game in the sale, it was only €2.50 so not really bothered. I then looked at the trophy list and seen nobody has gotten a trophy for more than 10 levels survival!


I am in no way skilled at games but I will really really try and get hard trophies. If nobody has gotten them I won’t stand a chance lol so I will give this a miss. I do wonder if the developers were able to complete survival mode or they just added it without any thought ?

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The guy who got all trophies should be counted as a new species. (Hello stranger, welcome to Earth)


I've never seen such poorly designed game, it destroys the nostalgia completely.


For a game that puts emphasis heavily on precision; it's element of precision is based around bending you over, and puttin' a ton of bricks into your naive backbone for thinking this could be fun. 


Usually when you have traps in other games, you get a chance to evade, even if it's based on surprise mechanics, you still get a micro window to react. In this one they thought, put ten unavoidable traps in a row; and to spice it up, don't show the player how long the illness is gonna last, let him guess and count on his transcendental intuition. You know what, put a comeback mechanic also... hmmm.. what else lies in the depths of my corrupted mind. Reversing pads and bricks two rows in front of their noses with speed limit 10x. Seems too easy, please add flying colors for decreasing the visibility. 


All in all, the only gripe i have with it, too many lives for hundered levels in one sitting. Can't wait for Brick Breaker 2, you actually have to break bricks with your head and that's the easy part. 

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