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Recently brought and completed this myself and just wanted to let anyone know who's curious about this, how it is. For starters, it is a PSVR game and you can buy it at the Japanese PSN Store currently and it's around 2-3 hours long to get all trophies. Much less time if you already know what you're doing. There are 6 Episodes (levels) you have to get through and you need to see the Bad Ending and the Good Ending. Each episode has a star next to it on the select screen and this star will be filled in (fully white) when you complete the Sub Mission required for that episode. The bad news is that there are no checkpoints in the game so if you die, you will need to restart that episode over. One hit kills you if an enemy sees and manages to run up to you. You also cannot pause it. The good news however is each episode is pretty short. Every episode has a sub mission (apart from Ep6) and after contacting a developer for the game, I learned what they all were. 


Episode 1 Sub Mission: No hiding in any hiding spots

Episode 2 Sub Mission: Walk into a Trap, 3 times

Episode 3 Sub Mission: Complete in under 3 minutes

Episode 4 Sub Mission: Don't use any Flares

Episode 5 Sub Mission: Complete in under 5 minutes (this is one I'm not sure about, it may actually be longer)


You will get the Bad Ending on your first playthrough of the game once you finish Episode 6 but then just replay Episode 6 again once you have done all Sub Missions and you will get the Good Ending instead. The other trophies just require dying once and dying 30 times (which you can do quickly at the beginning of Ep5). You will automatically get the trophy for walking on a bear trap too during Episode 2 while doing the sub mission.


Below is a video walkthrough I did for the entire game if anyone needs help though it's all pretty straight forward (episode 4 took me quite a few attempts as it has a bit of a tough section I recommend doing first). Overall, it's not that bad.



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Forgot to mention, it's a PSVR title.
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