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Need red titanite slab.


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I forgot to ascend my second pyromancy flame in order to trade to the crow for a Red Titanite Slab.  Anyone have an extra slab they'd be willing to part with, or would you be willing to take my flame to your game, ascend it in Blighttown (but do not upgrade after ascending), and bring it back to me?


I'm still in NG (would like to get this slab before heading to NG+) and I'm level 258.  If level range is an issue, we can bypass that by using Darkroot Garden and the Forest Hunter covenant.

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don't know if it's helping, but if you want the second slab for either platting the game, or to get stronger. you don't really need it.

i was aware the glove was an option to get another slab but i chose on purpose not to do it cuz it also cost a lot of souls.


you need to play the game at 2,5 playthroughs anyway because you need the soul of sif 3 times (greatshield of artorias, cursed greatsword of artorias and greatsword of artorias) in other words you get through the game twice anyway so you will get 2 slabs assuming you loot in lost izalith again (which you defenitely should). and you only need two to make a fire and a chaos weapon.


if it's for more strength you don't need it either because 1 is more then enough if you choose the right weapon, besides standard is way best to begin with IMO, especcialy since you already have an incredibly high level. so the only reason to choose fire or chaos is if you want the humanity scaling or want something for foes that has fire weakness, and both will be fine if you have 2 already (which you wil get).


if all this still won't help and you insist on more fire slabs you could also consider to grind chaos eaters, but you should know they have a 0,3% base drop rate. 

if you choose to do this don't forget to use the symbol of avarice or gold covetous serpent ring. and at least 1 humanity (10 if you feel like spending)


hope this helps. 

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