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Platinum Walkthrough


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36 Fragments of Midnight - Platinum Walkthrough Trophy / Achievement Guide

Full platinum walkthrough of 36 Fragments of Midnight. Start to finish



Trophy Time Stamps


Baby Steps - 0:03
Cutted in Half - 0:04
Stuned - 0:20
Squared Unicorn - 0:36
Only the Half Left - 0:54
The Greatest Gift - 1:14
Super Fast - 1:14
The Fastest One - 1:58
At Least you Tried - 7:50
So Close - 8:04
This IS Bad Luck - 8:31
Platinum Trophy

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2 hours ago, ddracarys said:

I don't think it's necessary to post this on both versions of the game, but thank you for the Platinum walkthrough anyway. I am sure a lot of people will find this use for this.


Helpful for the beginners for sure as a hint how to complete some stages, but do not forget that whole 36 levels are randomly generated (anyway there is limited set from which they are taken), so it can not be taken as a "solid" walkthrough.


Thanks anyway ;).


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