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Fishing - Coral Branch?


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The worst minigames had to be pool, darts and golf, but actually i'm completely stucked with fishing a Coral Branch (should be 0-50m). In several hours, i got dozens of umbrellas and sea nails (0-25m), and by going further i keep getting the Gurukun over and over again (or Mibais); day, afternoon or evening nothing changes, i always fish the same things, so i'm worried if i must use a specific bait (I'm using Horse Mackeral) or if actually the guide is wrong and i have to fish over 50m.


EDIT: finally got it during the only time i haven't tried since the guide talks about dusk. For me in the dusk it never popped, but when i tried in the night i got it during the first attempt, around 30m.

The other fishes are in the same spots reported in the guide, just for the coral branch i had to do it in the night.

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