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USA Critics' Choice SALE


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crash bandicoot nsane trilogy (ps4)

the town of light (ps4)

linelight (ps4)


there's a couple games that will get switched around. town of light more than likely will get played soon. atelier series might have to wait due to dynasty taking longer than 50 hours to complete.

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Couple things I may get. I was gonna grab the Yakuza 6 bundle that comes with Yakuza 0 for 70 do dollars. Mind as well try to get a few items from this sale so make enough for the 15$ back for soending 100$ promotion.

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A really solid sale. I picked up Sundered already (this is the first time I've seen it on sale since release), and will probably pick up Icey as well. I might also pick up Yomawari, but I'll have to add funds to my wallet for that, so we'll see.


A question about the $15 credt. Do the $100 have to be spent all at once, or can it be spent in aggregate over the course of the sale? 

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