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Faster way to grind for experience for Tactical

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This game is grinding hell. No one should complain about 2025, this thing is way, way worse. Boring and stupid beyond belief.

Well anyway tactical can grind in level 1-1 like anyone else, just a little slower since his weapons suck. Well he sucks. When you're gong up to the downed aircraft notice a small platform with a garden with two trees (if you have not blown them up yet) with a fence around. There's some stairs going up form the road you're going up. Ignore it for now, but you can gain time by blowing up the buildings to the left of the garden (or right if you're already near the aircraft hearing the boring talk before blowing it up for the nth time). Blow the aircraft, drop to the park, blow the first ant hill, then go to the next target point which is way in the back. In the way there blow up all buildings and tress in the park to your right, then when the park ends blow the buildings in front of you, between the fuel station and the road where the last ant hill will appear. Reach target point, then go immediately to the small garden platform I mentioned, just near where the aircraft was. Kill all ants in the way. The 2 bots will follow you and perhaps a few other EDF guys. They'll help kill the ants along the way.

In the platform go to the corner nearest the ant hill which will be very far. Now you can kill ants endlessly as they won't leave the area near the ant hill and you have a direct line of sight. I chose as weapons the best assault rifle and rocket launcher I could have with the biggest damage per shot, in the tactical's case the VanSnaster and the Wennyn-Seltura. Either will do a nice job, but I think the Rocket launcher is faster. Line them just a little up the ant hill (around the middle of the cloud just above it) and ants will start to die quickly, as dumbly they all return to the ant hill while walking around. Check you you start to have the score increasing nicely and use a turbo controller or rubber band a normal one. Since you're at a high corner the bots and other edf guys will just be behind or under you and never will make a mess by staying in front of you.

You can check this nice site to see which would be the best weapons for your current level:


This method can be used for other classes too, I found it quite faster than using the locking missiles. Their rockets and rifles are much better than Tactical one's anyway.

It doesn't solve grinding hell, but it helps.

Once in one of the farming sessions the ants were taking a long time to respawn, why I don't know. This grinding session took more than 3 hours to reach the 60000 ish score, but all other took just around 30-40 mins on inferno.

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