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I've watched several videos for this game, but I haven't been able to determine whether all trophies can be achieved offline, or if I will need to play online at some point. More curious than anything else...


Edit: I'll answer this myself. There is only one trophy that requires online play.

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On 22. 05. 2019. at 9:05 PM, Spacey Dweeb said:

Which one?

Finish in first place in online race.As I see on the list.shouldnt be too hard,maybe even boostable .


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Posted (edited)

I can confirm that there are 3 trophies that require online play: win 1st in an online match and the "shut down" and "a little push" trophies, which only work if you hit a real player with those power-ups and force him/her to respawn, because of your hit. If you hit a bot with those two it doesn't work for the trophies. At this point, the servers are pretty much empty, so, the only way you can get those last two trophies is by having a friend join you in an online Sprint Vector race to get them.

The "win 1st online" trophy can be done solo however. You can just play a quick match online with bots only and if you get 1st it gives you that one. The easy way for a beginner player to do it is to plan to get it in Winter Rush, which is the easiest stage to get 1st place. Although I can get it anywhere at this point, at first I wasn't that good, so that was how I got that one (in winter rush stage, online vs bots).

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