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Fortnite Single Player?


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I've seen some videos about Fortnight single player or story mode with the characters killing zombies? Is this if you get the game on disc or has the single player version been released yet?


I don't really see much information on it and I see one player has already obtained the platinum. I was hoping you guys can shed some light on this

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It's called save the world mode. It's $40 for the founders pass to get access to it. I think it's on sale for $20, but the sale could have passed. It's paid early access right now, but will be free later this year. (Hopefully) It's not really single player though, you can play by yourself but it's a lot more fun and manageable with groups. It's online only as well.


Also the disc is completely useless. It's basically just a code for the $60 founders pass and the version on there is very old, doesn't even have battle royale on there so you'd have to download the entire game anyways, which is a free download for everyone. You just need founders access to get into save the world. There's also codes that people get for buying the more expensive editions that you can give to people for them to unlock the game. I see so many people just mooching around for those. People jumping into streams and begging on Reddit for them. Like a complete stranger would give them an access code anyways.


I've put well over 200 hours into it and it's really damn fun. Starting up though is rough since there's a lot to learn and leveling up isn't the traditional way to level up. If you get it and have any specific questions just add me and shoot me a party invite and I can try and explain stuff. Or just ask anything here and I'll try to answer.


I've got a ton of videos up on my channel if you wanna see what the game is like. Feel free to join my streams and ask any questions you'd like as well.



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