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Servers offline?


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To anyone asking me to 'remaster" old games, or complaining about THPS servers being down: Activision owns the THPS license but I am no longer working with them. If I had the skills / authority to reboot servers or code games for newer systems on my own, I would be happy to...

— Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) February 26, 2018


Are the servers shut down now or something?  Or does he mean disconnects people complain about?  Bold section. 

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8 hours ago, Death_Ninja said:

Yeah the servers for that game have been completely shut down. Apparently they've been down for months.

Weird because the game is not listed in server shutdowns/unobtainable. 


Some info threads:


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1 hour ago, Lance_87 said:


Read the comments...

Some are achievable, some are not, some require no PS+. 



You can't earn the trophies related to Create a Park anymore


Either way, to have to wait for PS+ to expire and run out, I'd consider that Unachieveable. 

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On 11/03/2018 at 1:49 PM, shaunnn191 said:

Just posted this on .org, but I'll repeat it here also,


I just earned all the online trophies last night.

I don't have PS+ for any users on my console, the create-a-park uploaded fine and trophy popped with no problems.

Playing user created parks also had no problems, I just pressed Triangle18x18.png to play offline and then exited and voted for 25 different parks.

This can be done with playstation plus. I did it yesterday but took approx 3 hours. This is exactly what I did. I went to player created maps, open most liked and went to the first map and tried to start a maultiplayer match (X on PlayStation) it would say something like game is full. Then I would repeat this over and over again on the same map and it would eventually start. Some times it would say problem connecting or this map is currently not available. Sometimes it would try to connect and then say problem connecting to host and sometimes it would simply crash but rest assured 100% it will start. Then simply quit, rate and repeat on the next map. Keep a log on a note pad to see where you are up to because you can’t rate the same map twice. It felt like to me when I was doing this that I was forcing my way into the server every time I moved on to a new map. 

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11 minutes ago, S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y said:

Are the servers still online and all trophies are available?

I got all online trophies a week ago but I don't have ps+ on this account and i have heard that when it's on there are some issues. Try to make the online first it will take less than 30 min.

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