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Youtube will only play at 1080p


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So i recorded some videos for a guide i'm writing (have written now)... and made a hand-holding video walkthrough on every trophy...

The problem I'm having is if they are played on anything but 1080p... the Audio/Video isn't synced correctly and it freezes a lot. Turn it to 1080 and it's perfect.

So my stupid question is..... Why?! I'm hoping someone has some input on this, a bunch of Google/YouTube searching has led me where I started... still confused.


^^ Link to one of the videos in question for reference.

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im not sure what ur question is but if you are implying you recorded at a higher resolution it takes a while for youtube to actually stream that resolution. although there are some errors so you might wanna try re-uploading if thats an option for you.

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I get what he is saying and that is weird as hell. The video is frozen at 480p but if you go to 1080p, it runs nice and smooth. I actually think Youtube might be having issues right now because I can't even get the video to load on Firefox. Works on Chrome but with the issues you mentioned. 


EDIT: Just tried it on the PS4 web browser in 360p and 720p and it runs just fine so there is something weird going on with either Youtube or Chrome.

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I don't know why anybody would watch under 480p. 720p is pretty much the bread and butter for most of every video these days and 1080p is to make them look a bit more crisp and pixel perfect.


Still, I don't see the point of 4K on Youtube unless you're really going to be demonstrating real good quality graphically.


Streaming video games on 4K, I can imagine, sucks up a shit ton of your bandwidth. Unfortunately for us Americans, we're stuck with a bunch of shitty corporations who STILL force data caps on their customers.

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So by the responses, one of you decided to look at what i was talking about by following the link, thank you @skateak.

I too decided to stream it from my phone, can't get HD and the crappy quality it showed at worked fine. I was just wondering if this had happened to anyone else and how to fix it.

@DARKB1KE Chrome - No external add-ons except AdBlock; Recorded at HD1080/60FPS/8MBs


@Spaz I agree, everything is in HD, but even HD720 wasn't working... had to be HD1080 :/ Which could cause frustration


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Back when Angry Video Game Nerd and The Irate Gamer first got big, all videos were in 240p. That was in 2007.


These days people would be flipping their shit to see videos that are 240p. But fuck I miss the old Youtube, the way it's run now is awful.

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