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Me and some friends are currently in a race to see who becomes the first portuguese to Platinum Monster Hunter:World. We use PSNP to check who's ahead, but it's really inconvenient to go through thousands of pages of the leaderboard to see who's first (currently, the guy who is ahead does not make part of our group and is on page 6!)


I'd like to suggest a sort by country option in the game leaderboad like the one on the general leaderboard. 


Thanks for hearing me out! 

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Try to use the search function instead of duplicating threads. There's probably more out there, but took me a couple seconds to find these two suggesting the same thing:

@BlindMango Similar to the below, is there a thread detailing a list of updates/wishlist that are queued/being worked on etc. for the site as a whole? If not, would it be possible to set up so everyone has an easy to access hub where we can see what's already in the pipeline/wishlist and make a decision as to whether our suggestion would actually be new?


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