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I want MGS The Twin Snake for PS4, XBOX1 and Steam


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First, I apologize if I posted in the wrong section.


Second, I am desperate. I want it to become real. I don't care. I just want it. KONAMI can have my money for that...... with a lap dance too if they asked. ? Spread the word. Make a petition. Whatever. Someone must let KONAMI know what I want. What others want. What we want. Please, guys.



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1 hour ago, Undead Wolf said:

I'm sure they would have already done this if they could.  As far as I know, Nintendo own the rights to the game, so seeing it on other platforms is highly unlikely.

Nintendo didn't bother to think of remastering it to HD on Switch. Let alone their shitty Nintendo Labo that they focus on, and with Konami's business ethics, I wouldn't be surprised if they gave Nintendo the middle finger. They're money suckers, and they would do anything to get their pockets filled.

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I would temporarily end my boycott of "new" metal gear games(or if they remake the 2 original metal gear games), if they were able to make this happen between Nintendo, themselves, and sony/whatever platform. 


It's unlikely, despite how wise of a pr move it would be(if left as is. Ported only. Ok... Trophies added.. But nothing else) 


It was a great remake when I played it on gamecube

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