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Tips for Evacuation as a Hunter


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Has anyone got any pointers here? I seem to really struggle with the final mission (Defend) with the Hunters. I'm normally Assault or the Trapper.


I have tried the following:

  • Being really aggressive with the Monster and clinging to him like dung to a beetle but he just ends up running (and getting) away after I do so much damage and then comes back a minute or two later with full armour again.
  • Defending the power generators but just get overwhelmed by the minions.
    • Strategically placing mines on the way up to (and around) the generator.
    • Focussing on the minions when they approach the generator but the AI just seems to do their own thing and find myself taking them on on my own, which isn't enough. And yes, I have tried looking for an Evacuation match online but I waited for at least 20 minutes. No one seems to play that mode anymore.
  • Keeping the Monster and minions out by being the Trapper and utilising the dome around the generator but the minions seem to just walk right through it.

Any tips would be appreciated.

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Done that. Even with the difficulty set to favour Hunters' I'm struggling. I even went into the final mission with the auto-balance completely even.


The last thing I can think of is changing the Monster I am fighting. I have normally been fighting against Behemoth due to his (relatively) slow speed and attacks but he may have a higher health pool than other Monsters...? Have avoided Wraith as he's pretty fast and hard to pin down. Maybe Kraken would be a good bet to try beating.

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