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Lost Progress


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After the new update came out I decided to give it a go, since I really enjoyed the game the first time.

Well, I finished Arena pretty quickly, the same thing goes for Speedrun.


So I wanted to finish NG+ and get the last trophy, but initially this difficulty was locked up for me, which is strange, considering I had all the chapters unlocked. Anyway, watching credits by hitting "Continue" in the main menu worked for me, NG+ was now written in red and I could choose it. This is not my concern actually, but it is still worth noticing.

The problem is that I was progressing through it as normal and as RUINER is very short I got to the final level in one sitting. I decided to leave it for the next day, though, and just quit the game (I did everything correctly, there's no doubt about it). But when I opened it up the day after, everything was locked, as if I never even played the game. All the chapters and difficulties were locked and the only thing that was left were the costumes.


Didn't really felt like completing the game 2 more times so I made my peace with it. I just wanted to ask, am I the only one that encountered such bug? I ran through different forums and never actually found anyone complaining about it, so I guess I am the one and only. And I'm still interested in how did this happen and what did I do wrong.

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I experienced this bug as well.


Completed the game on Easy, started a NG+ and quit after loading into the first level. When I loaded the game the next day my progress was gone.




Gonna complete NG+ in one run, I don’t want to risk it.

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I didn't encounter the problem during my NG+ run but I accidentally started a "secret level" I didn't even know existed, and when I finished that it booted me to the main menu. Stressed me out because I thought it would wipe my progress after I'd read this thread but thankfully it was alright.

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