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How to post Status Update?

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Hi I hope this is the right place to ask this.


How do I post a Status Update on this forum?? I've been looking around for half an hour now and it's infuriating because I think I'm just overlooking it.

That's actually my only grief I have with this website in general, because it took me way too long to figure out how to add trophies to the trophy cabinet too.


Please help me and I will mention you in my very first Status Update xD 

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55 minutes ago, Smzthy- said:

Account > Account Settings > Edit Profile.

Tick the box that says "Enable status updates" and save.

Should be able to post one after that from the Forums section of the site.


55 minutes ago, Stevieboy said:

Click on you name in the top right and it will bring a menu. There will be a option at the very top under the "Create" header called "Status". Click on that.


Thank you both, I found and activated it now! 


31 minutes ago, ee28max said:

I think this thread will help for future references :) 




Thx, I'll check there first next time



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