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Suggestion : Customisable "Rarest Trophies" section

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I would like to submit this suggestion because I feel like this section of our profile could be optimised. For example, my "rarest trophies" section is currently occupied by only three games because some of the non-platinum trophies for these games are almost as rare as the platinum and even though I'm proud of these trophies I also feel like this is a waste of place that makes me unable to show some of the rarest platinums/100% I have obtained.


I think everyone/every premium members should be able to select which options they prefer between these : 


1) The current option (truely rarest trophies) => No need to explain it.


2) Rarest platinum trophies => This option would be useful for those that would like to showcase only their rarest platinums instead of having bronze/silver/gold trophies in their rarest trophies list.


3) Rarest 100% games => This option could be a good way to show the games without platinum trophies and more importantly, some games that have insane 100% requirements because of their DLCs. For this option, the icon of the games would be displayed instead of the platinums trophies.



I think it would be a good idea to have the possibility to change this section of our profiles and making this option exclusive to the premium members could be another way to make the subscribtion to the site even more appealing :)  

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1 minute ago, itachi-destroyer said:

How is that relevant to my suggestion ? The problem of having a lot of trophies showing for an individual game in the rarest trophies section would still be here.

Because if you want to show those rarest trophies, you can put them in your cabinet and then they are displayed.


The only thing that you currently can not do with your suggestion is display a rare 100%. That would be an interesting addition, but again, I think the trophy cabinet is sufficient to house that (if/when it is implemented).


For your two suggestions, would you be able to display other rarest trophies along with your rarest plats/100%'s? If yes, then it is literally the trophy cabinet. But I would imagine not. These two options would work like an override to the list, so you would only display the top 5 rarest plats or the top 5 rarest 100%. When it is like that, I don't think it is as interesting.

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I really can't figure out what to put in my trophy cabinet.  I mean, we are already showing the UR and R trophies and the milestones. And if you have at plat it shows the game is completed.  I guess I don't really hang out on that part of the site, I'm over at the forums. ?️

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