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For Honor is Finally Getting Dedicated Servers on PS4 and Xbox One (March 6, 2018)


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When dedicated servers roll out on consoles tomorrow, the servers will also include all of the fixes implemented since they were added on PC, so players will have an even smoother time from the start. In order for these servers to take effect, For Honor’s online features will experience a brief period of maintenance and 9am ET on March 6.



This is interesting.


Looks like Ubisoft hasn't abandoned this game yet.

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That's wonderful to hear. I've been thinking of picking it up for a while but the connection issues have made me wary.


I love this trend from Ubisoft of continual support for even under performing products, it gives you a lot of faith when thinking about trying these very multiplayer reliant games.

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Dedicated servers are kind of a double edged blade. On one hand, it's more stable, no "host migrations". On the other hand, they cost more to maintain meaning they'll be shut down earlier. Either way is fine with me really lol. They both have their pros and cons.

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