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Does Elite unlock the other difficulties?


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On 3/7/2018 at 2:13 AM, kraven_15 said:

As the title says, if I beat the game on Elite, will it unlock the trophy for hard and no death run (assuming i dont die) as well?



Yes, but you won't get the trophy for not dying at the end of your Elite run if the OWL revives you at any point. While this does not count as a death for the Elite run, it counts as a death for that specific section where you got revived, so you'll most likely have to replay some sections after beating the game (I had to replay 8 sections). Speaking of which, Chapter Select is disabled after you beat the game on Elite, but provided you back up your save after each chapter, you can just restore your Chapter 10 save after you beat that chapter on Elite, finish that chapter on a lower difficulty (you'll have to replay it if you're going for the platinum anyway), and you'll have Chapter Select when you beat the game.

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