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Smash Landing Trophy


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1. Make sure you have a full fuel tank.

2. Fly through eight gold rings.

You'll now speed up and have white "speed lines" at the edges of the screen.

3. Smash into a planet!

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22 hours ago, Fandhir said:


Any tips for Jumping Through Hoops? Seems impossible to me. :(



You don't have to go at full throttle, in fact at full throttle you won't make the tighter turns. I found I could make all the turns easily at about 80%, any less and you don't make the next ring in time.


Hope this helps.

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For me it helped to change the filter with the touchpad, some of them in black and white can help to see the rings much better and anticipate their next position. For some reason I had a hard time seeing the yellow rings in the black space with all the effects around. I used another filter and got the trophy first try after that.

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