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[FIXED] Final Fantasy XV 'Royal Edition Upgrade'


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Hey everybody, I just purchased the Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV and the Royal Pack DLC. The description for the Royal Edition of the game states that it includes the main game, except (since I have a physical version of the game) it applied to my physical version of the game as a 'Royal Edition Upgrade'. I won't have the physical version of the game for long though, and the inclusion of the digital version of the game was really the only reason why I purchased the Royal Edition. Otherwise, I would of just picked up the Season Pass for half the price I paid for the Royal Edition. I'm a bit annoyed at this.


Does anybody know any way I can still get my digital version of the game?

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21 hours ago, MythRaider1994 said:

Have you tried deleting the game off your console, and then tried going onto the store to see if it lets you download it? That’s the only thing I can think of.


I ended up contacting Square Enix and they told me the same thing. So, I guess this is fixed. Thank you for the reply!

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