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Challenge completions not registering

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Picked this up again on a whim just to get my completion rate back up a bit (then remembered why I put it down; that retarded method of using turbo) and managed to beat the Gold time on one of the speed challenges, but when I get back to the menu it still showed that I had only beaten the Bronze time, despite still having my personal best faster than the Gold time. Am I missing something here? Do I have to directly challenge the medal ghosts or what? I just raced without one for reference, although it really shouldn't matter. I think the Gold medal time was 26.57 on this particular challenge and I got 26.46. Not happy finally completing a challenge only to have it not register. Has anyone else encountered this problem? 


EDIT: Yep. I had to challenge the trophy times directly. I really don't think it should matter but there you go. I prefer not having the pressure of a ghost to be honest but you gotta do it. 

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