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Platinum vs. 100% - What Really Matters?

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Most games that have DLC trophies i just have the platinum for, some just arent worth the money for the content it offers. Ive bought a few in the past mainly to 100% games i really enjoyed. Bulletstorm on PS3 i got the DLC but didnt really offer much but i got it coz i really liked the game, i did the same with Angry Birds Trilogy on PS3. Usually i dont bother coz most arent worth it. The best DLC out there for me is The Following for Dying Light, that is how DLC is done right.

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Someone spoke of the lack of meaning for a plat, without a 100%? I mean, I get completionists and all, but it seems odd that the trophies which are available to everyone who purchase a game take a backseat to the trophies which are bought after the fact.


As for me, I've completed some games, and not others. It really depends on my enjoyment of the game (and whether the DLC is on deep discount).

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I don't think one is obviously better than the other, it's just personal preference and if someone is willing to play the game beyond the platinum.

As far as I'm concerned, when I obtain a Platinum, I go for the 100% because if I spent enough time on the game to obtain the Platinum it's because I liked the game so why not go for the 100% ? If the additional trophies are "free" it's better but I don't mind buying DLC when I like a game, but if the DLC costs too much I usually wait for a sale. 


However, even if some games didn't have new trophies with their DLC I would still buy the DLCs just because I loved the game. The Witcher 3 would be a perfect example in this case considering how awesome the dlc are for this game. So I guess it's more me wanting to do everything a game as to offer rather than just obtaining new virtual trophies.

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I don't normally get DLC when it comes to games so it's not very often I get a platinum for a game or 100% on a game whether is has a platinum or not but of the games I have got 100% on some of them do have platinum trophies & some of them don't either. As much as I like playing games that have no platinum & as nice as it is to get 100% on those games for me it never feels the same compared to getting 100% on a game & getting the platinum at the end. I'm not saying games with no platinum is a bad thing & I'm not gonna stop playing those games as there can be good games without certain trophies but for me the platinum give me something else to try & work towards & is something for me show that I've gone through all that effort to get that particular trophy. 

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17 minutes ago, Tusked-Lattice said:

Any game without a platinum is basically telling you not to buy it because it has no worthwhile content, really I should thank the developers for the warning and saving me money. 

I fully agree with this statement.

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Just now, Tusked-Lattice said:



I wasn't trying to be mean or anything. I was just saying that whether a game has a plat or not is irrelevant, if you don't actually get the plat...


...unless you really believe that the existence of a plat is a reflection of the content of the game? I thought you were just yanking on chains and whatnot.

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23 minutes ago, Tusked-Lattice said:

I just want the platinum. 

Games without platinums are worthless garbage! 


1 minute ago, grifteskymfning said:

I fully agree with this statement.

Uh... There are plenty of great games without platinums though?


  • Spoiler


    • A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV
    • Aaru's Awakening
    • Abzu
    • Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China
    • Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India
    • Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia
    • Bentley's Hackpack
    • Beyond Good & Evil HD
    • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
    • CastleStorm
    • Contrast
    • Entwined
    • Grow Home
    • Hatoful Boyfriend
    • Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star
    • inFamous: Festival of Blood
    • Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage
    • Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light
    • Pix the Cat
    • Rayman 3 HD
    • Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island
    • Sonic Adventure
    • Sonic Adventure 2
    • Surge Deluxe
    • The Cave
    • The Unfinished Swan
    • The Walking Dead: Michonne
    • The Walking Dead: Season 2
    • Uncharted: Fight for Fortune


    And these are just the ones I've played, there are many, many more out there.

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I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my trophy collection, so it's 100% for me all the way. A Platinum is nice and all, but I don't see the game as 'complete' when there is still content left to experience. That said though, Platinum trophies are achievements in their own right, and I think that walking away from a game once you've gotten the Platinum (or even before) is totally cool. 

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1 hour ago, madbuk said:

100%. A platinum to me is just another trophy, meaningless without the 100% to go along with it

How is a Platinum "just another trophy?" A Platinum shows that you've mastered the base game's trophy list and that's all that matters. If you buy DLC JUST to get the trophies you're falling into their trap of spending money for no reason. 

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