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Hey all, DJ here.


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2 minutes ago, Super Sand Virginia said:

It doesn't matter how many plats you have...


Welcome to the Site :)


Been to Scotland, beautiful country/nature :)



Yeah, I love Scotland. Not a fan of the north east but currently in the process of trying to move somewhere more central.

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48 minutes ago, DJbruce92 said:


I'm terrible with introductions so bear with me. Long time trophy hunter but new to the forum I guess? My interests include gaming [duh], I have a PC but mostly I'm either playing my PS4 or Vita, I do also own a ps3 but that's mostly just my media box these days for Youtube/Netflix. I'm 25, I live in Scotland. Other than gaming... I guess travelling/being social. Listening to music and watching videos online be that on either Youtube or Netflix. 


I'm not the biggest of trophy hunters considering I only have 16 but hoping to have at least 20 before the end of the year [yay low expectations...] Anyway not sure what else to put here.



Wika WIka (record scratch) Welllllll-come. Feel free to reach out to me if you need some tips on the ...Becomes the Master trophy in Titanfall 2. I got the plat a couple weeks ago. I uploaded a video too if you wanted a visual representation. I do it slightly different than other people on Youtube.

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@DJbruce92 Glasgow is my favourite city in the world and I've done more than my fair share of travelling. May or may not have something to do with the happy hour 2-for-1 cocktails at just £1 in the West End...


16 trophies... 4 more for the year... yer a chancer :)


Welcome though!

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10 hours ago, Temmie said:

You have an avatar that looks like an Undertale character (even though it's probably not).  Much approval.


Welcome to the forums!  I think you'll like it here :) 

Thanks, It was actually art I commissioned in the art style of Undertale.

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