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Arius Nova is beating my ass


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On 11-3-2018 at 11:09 AM, PinabaoXL said:

It's story 99. All my teammates die within 10 minutes. Can anyone give me some tips? Thank you!

This is what I used to solo the mission Cabin Fever (Arde Nova, Corrosive Hannibal, and Arius Nova):

  • Weapon: Deus Blade Takiri EX (longsword) - at rank 14 it has Wrath of Revenge, Stamina, Survival Instinct, Adrenaline Rush, All Out Attack, Sword Master, Wild Instinct, and Melee Attack Specialist
  • Gun: Arbalest EX +30 (sniper) - Hidden Attack, Debuff Stacking, Venom Resistance, Hate Up, Covert Team, Item Effect, Calm Breather, and Muted
  • Shield: Aegis EX +10 (tower shield) - Def, Oracle, Oracle Absorption, Frugal, B Gun Attack, B Oracle Absorption, Trigger Happy, and Gun Attack 
  • Upgrades: Enemy HP Vision + Health
  • Predator Style:
    • Charge: The Dragon with Automatic Recovery
    • Quick: Type Two with Oracle Absorption Up
    • Combo: Mistral with Debuff Resistance
    • Step: Hawk's Flight with Divine Resist ++
    • Air: Raven with Oracle Recovery Up
  • Bullet: HDH Kai Freeze for all 3 rounds.

Besides that, I added the following relevant skills to the weapons and shield:

  • B Prepared lvl 10: On successful guard during Burst, HP will not fall below 1.
  • Burst Duration lvl 10: Burst duration increases with 2% per level.
  • Devour HP Absorb lvl 10: HP recovers on devouring when in Burst.
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Would @Dragon-Archon's build help on a Grandpa Tiger(it's related to Arius Nova but has the head of a old man and is black with wings and red lighting)? it would be wonderful if it's so stong the damn Grandpa won't have time to grow it's his damn wings. besides what's the recommed missions to get the needed minerals? hopefully without Susano'o.


btw it's story 93.

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For Arius Nova Story mission and Cabin Fever mission, I did not use @Dragon-Archon's equipment (Okay I used the Tower Shield: Aegis, EX/Rank 14 Cabin Fever and the lower rank on the Arius Nova Story mission). Still for those that still get their ass handed to them by the Hag... Arius Nova. try to use the Rank 12/13 version of @Dragon-Archon's equipment on the Arius Nova Story mission or the Rank 12/13 version of your equipment plus the custom made Bullets.


Bullet Recipes for GER


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