Just got the Plat. Some general tips for the Platinum!

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Hey guys, it's rubhen here. Usually I have videos ready for forums posts like this but the game has nothing really missable. Most of the trophies are story related and the other half is related to championships. The other few trophies are for your levels. Since there is no tutorial in the game, I will give some overall tips.


Do the story first and make sure to practice your combos and timings. Even on the lowest difficulty the AI is ruthless and can combo you from one string to another. Learn the timing of when opponents get up from the ground so you can combo them back to death.


Learn how to use your super moves and their timings and such. They deal massive damage and can be the deciding factor in many fights. Also block everything. If you block an attack you can instantly counter using X. This can lead into the XX combo, and usually the best combo to follow after is the Square, Square, X. The other combos are too slow imo. The special moves are flimsy and half the time won't work because the game drops inputs like crazy. So be careful.


Once the story is finished you should be around level 15. If you need to level up a couple times to unlock championships, do the last few fights which give massive confidence (Exp).


Next the championsips. I've tried every character and the best one is definitely Claudio Coelho. This guys is so broken it's unbelievable. He has really fast attacks, and his super can combo from his attacks, and can do massive damage. He also has really good health and defense. The most OP character imo.


All I did was do a dashing X, which will stun the opponent. Then do XX which will combo the opponent and most times will stun them. Immediately I follow up with square, square, x. This combo does really good damage and knocks the enemy down on the ground. I then follow up with the dashing X to repeat the combo. If your super meter is full use it while you do the Square, Square, X combo to do like 90% damage. This character is so broken you can do 100% damage strings. Use him!


The first few championships are easy and you only need to win one round each. But as you go up the championship levels you got to win 3, 5 and 6 rounds. The last one is grueling as there are 7 opponents and you need to win 6 rounds each one. I was so dead after getting the championships done.


But yea, once you finish the championships you'll likely already be level 30 which takes 52250 confidence to get to. And that's it, you'll have your platinum!


That's pretty much all I wanted to say. It took me around 10 hours to plat it. I spent a couple hours in between taking breaks because my hands were killing me.


If you guys want me to make some videos for the fights, so you can see what type of combos and how I defeated these opponents in the story and Championships, do let me know and I can whip a couple videos out :)



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13 minutes ago, det_gittes said:

When does it come out?

13th on Tuesday.



Thanks for the tips, Rubhen. 


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