Really easy farming level 83 weapons with 500 armor and 93 with not much more

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I tried to find a mission that could be done easily in inferno on later missions with low armor (500-700). There's plenty of information on farming levels but usually have steep requirements for the class. First time I tried Ill Omen (Bad Premonition on EDF 2025) on hard I knew this would be a great place for weapons farming if there would be a hiding spot. This is the first mission where dragons make an appearance. In this mission there's a ants wave, then if everything goes right a second one, and then 2 dragon waves.
First play this on easy, normal or hard to know your farming spot. Right from the start you have the two tallest buildings in the map to your left. Between them there's a tunnel that with the game bugs (or "features" whichever you choose) you can stay under it and kill the dragons as they try to attack you from above the ceiling. Problem was that the dragons, particularly on inferno, also use the bugs to cross the ceiling and crush you to death in 1 or 2 secs if you have low armor. Ignore this, kill first ants wave. If you do to the large park direction, the first intersection is with the road where the ants of the second wave are waiting to the left. Ignore them, head left. Next street that goes to the park (on your right now) has a upper passageway coming from the 2 tallest buildings. Right at the end of this road in the left park corner is a building with columns underneath. Between that and the next building the space is very small and dragons can't fit. if you check there's 6 columns in this building on this passage, with a glass door in the middle. Your goal is to station your character behind the third column counting from the park side and shoot to the right towards the park.
Once you know where to stay, you can either continue the game, or restart. So first capture the groups of EDF rangers and wing divers. Then kill first wave of ants.Now either the second wave will also be coming or they stayed at the other road to your right. If they're coming head to the farming spot at once, your EDF rangers will handle the remaining ants. If they're not follow that road until you can shoot the ants a few times so that they will attack you. Immediately proceed to farming spot. All ants will eventually try to reach you and the EDF rangers and wing divers will kill them. The first dragons wave will come and probably all EDF support will die, although sometimes one or another will manage to survive. After this one ends, the much bigger second wave will arrive. Avoid the temptation to come out until there's only one dragon left. Just one or two fireballs from inferno dragons will kill you, same if they catch you. When there's just the last dragon, he'll make is usual flying trips, so take advantage of one to go and see if there's any weapon crate from the ants that the EDF guys killed, as usually there's 1 or 2 weapon crates from the ants. This way is not 100% foolproof, dragons can still hit you and you can die and farming ends, but it's rare. If you're successful, you'll have a reasonable loot just under the passageway and possibly on top of it. Expect between 4 and 9 weapon crates, not bad considering dragons are lousy crate droppers.  You can extremely easily farm weapons up to level 83. Unfortunately not enough for Idunn FF, AF100, Lysander Z, Hreidmarr, Epsilon E, but you can get some extremely good weapons anyway. These can help on other harder levels to get the most desired ones.


First time I did this I used the wing diver, with a level 26 Idunn-D and a level 45 Rapier G Thrust which are pretty basic weapons for Inferno. I had 652 armor. Mission takes 10 to 15 minutes this way. I had Rapier G Thrust 2 but that one takes a long time to recharge, I hate rapiers that won't instant recharge. I also have succeeded on Inferno with the MX Rapier (level 35), just takes a lot longer. This can probably be done with around 400-500 armor with the WD with these or similar weapons.
You can try this with other classes. You can't use explosives, missiles, rockets or anything that will bring down the building that you use as a shelter. Once the building is down you're dead meat. While in the farming place use no Idunns, Thunderbows or any weapon that will bounce of walls and EDF support. Jackhammers for fencer, shotguns or rifles for ranger, just a lot more difficult for air raider. The advantage of the wd is obvious as the Rapiers deal a lot of damage per second and she has the best mobility. However you can split screen your second class with the WD and IF the second wave of ants stays in its place you can take your  other class to the farming place, hide this one against the mentioned glass door and do everything else with the WD. This one will probably die but when there's just one dragon left, you can revive him and use it to pick up the loot at the right time. Then end the mission with either one. If you have a friend playing too, it's an even easier piece of cake, just have him proceed directly to the hiding place and leave it there (just boring to the limit...).




Above is a photo of the farming spot. It's the japanese version, using Rapier G Thrust.

If you need the better rapiers and Iddun-D you can get them easily on mission 31, Charge Phase 2. With the wd dual equip the best idunn you have (even level 0 will work on hard), then immediately go right, then left, then right. You'll be at a small closed tunnel. Just turn back and hold ground here. You can get easily Idunn-D here on hard. Once you have it, making this level on hardest is quite easy, just take care with the last few silver spiders. You can get both Rapier G Thrust's here on hardest. Level is very quick, less than 2 minutes.


Or use mission 50, Blue Fighters. Equip best rapier and a sniper. As soon as the mission starts fly up to the big transport above you, kill it with rapier. Drop as it dies, and kill the spawned hector with the same rapier. Hectors won't attack as soon as they're spawned and the delay is enough to kill it. Only difficult step is then using the rapier to kill the other 2 spawned hectors coming from the river. They'll be going for the 3 EDF rangers just below your starting spot. It's easy if you wait until they're just stopped firing, then fly quickly and rapier them to death in a row. Then just follow the large transport path and rapier massacre the hectors as soon as they hit the ground. Whenever possible snipe the transport until it's smoking. Then it will be easy to kill it when needed. When you're bored destroy the transport when it's near your starting spot, to avoid the last 2 shielded hectors that will spawn in the back. Just return to your starting spot WITHOUT recruiting any EDF guys and snipe the 2 last hectors (or rapier them if you're good at it). Just be careful with your energy levels and remember to reload the rapier after each hector double murder. It's really easy.
This can be done on hard with the MX Rapier, hardest with Rapier G Thrust's and inferno with master rapier (either).


Have fun. 😀


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Well, after finding a way to get easily level 83 weapons I still wasn't truly happy as the weapons I really want are 90-92 ones (Idunn-FF, Epsilon Armored Blast Railgun E, Hreimdarr, Gungnir, RZR Plasama Launcher, AF100, Lysander Z, Tempest S1A, the last 3 Limpets, Electromagnetic Wall , Absolute Bunker (yes I hate the Fencer, but anyway all his interesting weapons are lower than level 83 anyway)). So as I finished the missions on hard with WD I tried to see which ones could be easily done in Inferno.
Only one I found is mission 78, Labyrinth of Light. This mission is daunting for every class except the WD, as the high number of shield bearers means killing most enemies is extremely difficult. Enemy shields don't stop their shots... But if you know how to do it can be quite easy.

I did this with 1030sh armor. You need the Idunn-E Custom or Custom 2 and one of the Master Rapiers. You can get these easily in the previous mission I explained. Most of the farming missions mentioned elsewhere have steep requirements in weapons level and / or armor. The key is learning how to fly, good orientation and deal with enemies only in a need to basis.


- start by flying low to top left, towords the leftmost large transport. DON'T SHOOT anything. fly in short burst then hover, then another short burst, etc.You don't need to go very high, just reach the roof of the big square warehouse mid way to the transport
- WALK to the opposite corner, the one nearest the transport. You should see a wave of ants coming from the said transport approaching the building. The transport should now be opening again. As you're reaching the corner, start flying to the transport. You should have not lost any armor, although you can loose armor from ants spitting
- stay on top of the transport and it will close. When it opens you should have recovered full energy, if not just let it close again. ONLY EXIT and kill transports when you have all weapons fully charged and your backpack too. Nothing will bother you while you're in the transport.
- while walking around the transport locate down a shield bearer in the middle of the ocean and where the other transport is.
- the trickiest part is now. After it opens, destroy the transport with the rapier. Then fall to the water towards the shield bearer. No need to use energy except to hover near it. Destroy shield bearer still with rapier, while hovering with gentle bursts then fly with full power to the next transport. I you're having difficulties ignore at first destroying the shield bearer in the ocean and fly directly to the second transport. Stay on top of it if it's closed and when possible stay inside to replenish rapier and all energy. Always replenish weapons and full energy when it's possible. This and walk when necessary are the keys to successful WD usage
- after replenishing, check where is the next shield bearer, near the cranes at the end of the peer. When the transport opens, kill it, then drop to the shield bearer and kill it, all using rapier. Immediately turn 180 degrees, change weapon to Idunn and start killing the wave of ant coming from water while walking backwards. There will be 2 or 3 orbs bugging you too. It's easier if you stay in a tunnel between the containers, as if you go near the cranes the ants will spread making it more difficult to kill them all. If necessary make small hops backwards but be careful with energy usage as specially the Idunn-E Custom 2 has a 60% recharge energy cost and you can be in a awkward situation. After killing the ants and the few orbs there should be a few crates, energy and hopefully weapons.
- if you didn't kill the shield bearer in the ocean you should do it now. Just fly to it, and kill it. If you fall on water, no issue just swim back to the peer near the cranes. No enemies will bug you.
- recharge everything, proceed to another shield bearer that is alone still on this large peer, near a row of warehouses. Kill it, pick what you need and recharge and proceed to the water channel for the next shield bearer
- cross the water channel and stay near shield bearer. Notice to your left as you reached the shield bearer two warehouses to your left that have a narrow corridor between them. Kill shield bearer and hide in the said corridor as 5 or 6 pissed orbs will come and they can make your life miserable. Kill orbs with Idunn.
- now what remains is 2 deroys, 3 shield bearers and a few orbs flying very high.
- proceed to the shield bearer that is alone, just near the water channel. Kill it. Recharge everything.
- now the last tricky part. Killing the deroys. Go to the deroy near the water. Go slightly to its right to avoid that it goes to the water and you lose its drops. As you're really near the deroy attack it with the rapier. He'll probably withdraw, change to Idunn and finish him. This one is the more difficult but can be done, with minimal skill. Pick loot, kill shield bearer, pick loot, recharge
- go to the last deroy proceed the same way. This one is even easier. Just kill, it then shield bearer. Go to your EDF soldiers, which are near your starting point, perhaps there's one or 2 nice weapon crates near them. Grab them then bug the few remaining orbs and kill them over land so that you can pick their hopefully good loot.


This level is easier on EDF 4.1 than on 2025. On 2025, there's more orbs, ants and deroys wake up earlier when you're approaching them. First time I tried I failed, but succeeded on the second attempt.  Failed third one as fell in water trying to kill shield bearer while going from the first transport to the next. Was successful on 4th and got lucky received Idunn FF. With Idunn FF killing the ants, orbs and deroys becomes extremely easy. You can get between 2 and 10 weapon crates, not bad, weapons level between 33 and 93, not bad for a level with so few enemies. On 5th attempt got RZR Plasma Launcher. Level is quick a few minutes only. Just practice a few times, it becomes really easy.

You can farm here weapons for other classes. Just play split screen with the class you want, leave him alone at start position and use him (if necessary revive him) after joining the EDF guys when there's just the last few orbs left. Pick loot, you should know where the weapon crates are anyway, and kill last orbs with WD. Piece of cake.
You can try with lower weapons than the ones I suggested but I think it's going to be tough with weaker ones and this low armor. Even lower armor is feasible, around 500-600 should be quite possible.

You can get on this mission ALL weapons for all classes except Rule of God for Air Raider (level 95).





Finally there's a video. Some improvements to the strategy, explained there.


Have fun 😀


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