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The newest platinum to join the ranks is Life Is Strange: Before the Storm


It was fun to journey back to Arcadia Bay and see some of the events that lead up to the first game. However I am torn on exactly how to feel about this game.


Three episodes felt really rushed for Chloe and Rachel to establish a relationship that made sense for the events of the first game. It felt strong together and the choices didnt really seem to have that big of an impact which bugged me.


The biggest problem I had was with David and Rachel actually. David is given a more 'human' approach this time which just makes the disdain he shows Chloe and Max in the original game worse. His character is  built around a general flaw and it felt that Square tried to ease the edges here and it comes of shallow and one note.



With Rachel, it doesnt make sense this complete and utter meltdown over her father. And then to have him be shoehorned in as this rudimentary villian was just messy and unnecessary. It felt incomplete, as if the writers did not know how to close of this small chapter of the story and in the end just made it not as memorable as it could have been.


On the gaming horizon, will hopefully finish Okami soon and then really tackle Darksiders Genesis.


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Okami HD joins the ranks of completed games.


I understand that this is a legacy game and a lot of people (from what I've seen) have liked this game. However. I just couldn't find it more than passingly enjoyable.


The only highlight is that the game is artistically beautiful with a great concept of using a brush to do special attacks. But beyond that, there isn't very much substance to the game.


I just found it slow and annoying. But that could be because my taste in games is changing.


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Enslaved Odyssey to the West and the DLC Pigsys Perfect 10 has been completed.


Enslaved was an alright game with a brief storyline, short chapters, and nothing overtly difficult. I beat it on Normal, then slammed through Hard mode with the ninja costume to finish it.


A post apocalyptic world with murderous mechanical beasts running around, slavers that kidnap people, and a mysterious pyramid. None of these things are ever really expanded upon, which would be fine in theory. But it makes the game feel very flat.


You are on a journey because a girl has put a headband on you that will kill you if she dies. You continue the journey...just because. How the headband works, its purpose in the story, and the slavers in general are another aspect that is left unfulfilled.


This is a game that feels like it ran out of money halfway through and the developer just wanted to get it done. A jumbled mess with a thrown in ethical dilemma thrown in at the end that again leaves a lot to be desired.


The dlc on the other hand definitely feels more finished, if more annoying due to the focus on stealth gameplay. With the game being completely separate that is to be understandable. While I find Pigysy annoying, this dlc saved the overall experience. Though my favorite character is Truffles, which doesnt say much.


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Been a while since I've had an update and back for a two-for, both Resident Evil games :D


Resident Evil 3 Remake - I will start out by saying I have not played the original game and came into this only playing RE0 - 2 remake/hd remaster. Therefore, I found the game highly cinematic but lacking in substance. Jill Valentine has been delving into the mystery of the Arklay Mansion Incident alone after the events of RE1 and a late night phone call from fellow S.T.A.R.S. member Brad springboards her into a desperate struggle for survival through the streets of an undead plagued Raccoon City.


I have heard time and time again that RE3 is a game to experience, namely, that being Nemesis. It is this threat that is always present, always creepy, and when he appears it is run or die. His iteration here in this game is rather...unimpressive to say the least. There isn't really anything about Nemesis that is truly special, in fact, he honestly feels like a Mr. X reskin. Even on the higher difficulties, he is just this figure that is easily stopped or dodged. Not exactly this fearsome presence that needs to be avoided at all costs.



On the note of Nemesis, not at all impressed with the Berkin-esqe evolution as the game progresses. In the original game it was Nemesis, something that was and wasn't a zombie with human intelligence that was bent on killing Jill. This version turns into a beast, then a worm, then a flower like creature reminiscent of the Sin spawn from FFX. 


But moving away from Nemesis, the story itself is...well cinematic. But not in a way that is believable. Yes, I know, the undead are not very believable (yet) BUT suspending belief to play these games is alright. Where it gets shaky is when Jill survives things that should rightly kill her, for example the car scene in the opening segment. I doubt anyone could have rightly survived that. I'm not asking for much, just some acknowledgment that what the main character just went through hurt and she is in need of a healing. However, for the length of the game, I feel it did what it set out to do. Making it feel like it was a mad rush from the start to finish and with the graphics, it is a rather fun time.


Nothing about this game is very difficult - unlike most of the other games in this series. It was definitely a blast to play and I look forward to any DLC that might come out for it.


The other plat earned is for Resident Evil 0


This game was very difficult to get into and even harder to complete. It was the first Resident Evil that I played and getting the controls down and learning item management and enemy movement took forever. Not really a favorite of mine, Rebecca was annoying and Billy was a one-note cliche. a resident evil game, I am glad to have completed it and never want to touch it again. Even if it is remastered for the PS5


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