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Burst master farming

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So I'm going for the Platinum and the last trophies I have to do are: Burst Master, Rush Master, and Neithardt would be proud. I've gone through 3 play throughs (curse you chest grabber) and am above level 70 with every character.


The method I've been using is my main party is Rean, Jusis, Gaius, and Fie and I'm in the school house depths first area. The first door on the left leads to a very small area with an enemy that is "weak" to slash and thrust. Every time you leave this small room and come back it respawns the enemy.


Does anyone have a better method to farming this endgame?

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If you are planning on finishing up this third playthrough, the tank thing that constantly uses timed crafts that you can cancel that you fight in Roer is a very good place for this. Unequip everything that raises ATK and ATS on all battle characters, but equip Hit 2 and impede 2/Zeus gems on them, have Elliot use Detector at the start of the battle so you gain a higher chance of unbalancing it while cancelling its attack. Have one support character with high ATK/ATS that can finish the boss up once you are done farming those.

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