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I'd like to buy legendary edition digitally, but it's not available on the store, or to pre order. All I can see is the standard version for £55 or the ultimate for £90! Anyone know if it will become available next week? Cause them prices are ridiculous.


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There's still nothing on the PSN store here in the UK & as I'm writing this, It's 7pm GMT so the store has long since updated.


I'm a completionist but there is no way I am paying £33 for the Ultimate Edition upgrade for 12 trophies, most of which you can earn in a single match. Even buying the characters individually is worse, that comes to just short of £48.


I really hoped they would handle this like they did with the XL upgrade for Mortal Kombat X but all they've done is screw people who want the trophies.


At this rate it would be cheaper for me to buy a Legendary Edition, get the trophies & then sell it again while it still has value to get most of my money back, that is assuming the Legendary Edition doesn't come with a single use download code for the DLC which wouldn't surprise me at this point.

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