Scanning Mole and Tar Worm

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Please for the love of god, can you people tell me how do you scan these two? Mole just always gets underground before i'm even able to scan him and even when i'm behind him nothing changes. I've tried everything and nothing works. Tar Worm is even worse cause there is just not enough green dots visable to properly scan him. It's always the same, he comes out, i scan every dot, still missing like 2 but they are just not there and then he goes under mud again. Just give me some info cause there is just nothing about this on the internet. Am i the only one? I'm playing the digital version tho, maybe it's bugged or something?


EDIT: Ok, so i somehow got the Tar Worm, for some reason it went into swimming animation and not just poking out of the mud animation. I guess that's the only way to scan it. Btw, i saw that animation 1st time after like 8 hours of playing the game.


EDIT 2: Sooo, i finally got a mole too. It turnes out that you just have to stand still near the hole, i will run away when you move. Good thing that the trophy guide says nothing about this. Well, i guess this threat makes no sense now but at least if someone will have a problem with these two, then well... here you go. I hate this game.

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