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Easy research


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 So after tinkering around with research and cash flow options.


 Researching martion copy rights gets you a fair amount of cash


 If you outsource 10k research to earth at 2000m $ ( same amount of $ you get each time ya research Martin copy right ( mcr) you get 7k for the research. And an extra 3k to go to what ever over the course of 5 days. ( each outsource is +2k a day)


 If you outsource 4 times ( 8k a day / 8ooom  credits)  you'll. Research. MCR each day for 5 days. Giving you back 2ooom credits as well as an extra 15k research from the excess 3k left over from each 10k outsource. Giving you another 2 "free" tics of MCR research adding another 4ooom credits. Bumping you up to. An extea 6ooom credits extra from inital expense


You can then use that new 6ooom credits and outsource more.


 Once you cont. To outsource till your at 35k a day ( for 5 days) - that will alow you to finnish MCR 5 times a day. Netting you 10,ooom credits a day for 5 days.  50,ooom over the outsource period.


 Only takes 16,ooom credits to outsource enough times to gain the 36k needed.


Continue to do this to 64k a day


 And you'll be rolling in cash and exessive research


Took 5 sols to get enough outsource to pull this off


Then another 15-20 sols to research 75% of the tech tree.


On sol 110 with all tech an 3 wonders building.



 This is going off if ya had 0 research to start..



Also good way to net usa reseaech trophy by sol 100



Ill dbl check math once off work*



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So after spending about 40,oook credits to out source research ( to 57k a tic ( was getting 4k a tick from wonders/ research\ acess power) 


Upto 73k after bonuses per sol


 Went from


Spent 40k

 After 5 sol. I was up to 187k


With about 5k from exports from space elevator ?


 If your able to get MCR early on as usa. Can foresee you being able to research before 100 sol easly


* will be testing this soon*

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I realoaded many times just to try this but the best I can get is a MCR at 10'000 research point, not even once at 7'000. I managed to abuse this with the politic trait (+20% income) so little by little I just pumped research numbers, but it takes time and big cash from start.

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Does take time; i didnt test it till almost sol 100. But by then i was under 10 million.  


 Far more effective when your base research is a decent ammount. But needing to research all enginering in 10p sol. Thats insane tbh..  Think somewhere around 80k research in tottal to get all 15 tech.

Oh - also yeah

 I see what your saying. 

  Mine was luck ;


 They may have patched the amount that it takes to research. I always had it at 7k research needed to get it finnished and get my. Credits from the tech.

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Did you tried it on patch 1.00 or 1.01?

Because as now 1.01 is the latest patch, if you had MCR at 7k on 1.01 maybe I'm jusy being unlucky. Or maybe some other parameter influences MCR's price, maybe starting options (sponsor, etc).

Do you remember starting values when you got MCR at 7k? Thanks in advance.

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Ill check when i get home

 Sponcer i tested it out with was the top one paradox?.


 All other settings were high metal water low everything eles.  Avg. Elevation.


  As for patch notes that I'll get when i return home


 Loaded file.  With about 4 ? tech MCR is at 4,550.  Bout 35% is being deducted by perks. Thou i know that doesn't help this situation


--  ill start a new game an see what i get when MCR rolls up


I know its position in tech tree drastically augments its cost. Its 12th in my social unlock tree

 Unknown if that was a perm. Spot. Or from a scanned anomaly

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