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I have a save where I get called up in June and talk to the triple A manager but never the MLB manager.  Any idea why?  After the triple A manager office cutscene, I am always greeted with signing an agent but never get the MLB manager office cutscene.  Just straight into the majors after that.

EDIT - Got it after my 3rd play-through after so many tries on the first two and to only be called up after the season or in spring training (in addition to what happened above with my pitcher).  

Spent more time on this trophy than all of the others combined.  The shame is that it was all Triple A games, don’t even get to see the MLB teams/ballparks for this trophy.

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I strongly recommend getting your player in RttS to start a new year playing for AAA. Once you get lucky enough for that to happen, you need to kick ass.


My player was around a .450 batting average, led the league in home runs, RBIs, base hits and slugging percentage. My AAA ballteam sat me out for a few games here and there but that doesn't count against you too much as long as you are getting around two base hits for every game you play.


I played until late June, playing every game I could by myself because the sim mechanics in MLB the Show 18 are a joke. I tried dozens of times in getting called up by simming and it never works. My player sat at around a .200 - .300 batting average with average to poor stats in base hits, home runs and RBIs. The reason you won't get called up after the All Star Game is because your player sucks. Even if your player has the same stats as the stats I listed with well above a .400 batting average, there is a chance you won't get called up anyway. So I basically made a save in late June and simmed until just after the All Star Game in AAA. Only took a couple attempts to get promoted.


Personally I had no luck as either a pitcher or a closing pitcher, so I ended up getting it with my first baseman. Once you lead in several categories, and hit many home runs, your player should be called up fairly easily.

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