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Are the DLCs dead?


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12 hours ago, BlindMango said:

I have a feeling this game's DLC popularity probably falls closer to BF Hardline's track record of having no traffic even a few weeks after release, really Battlefield 3 and 4 were the only games with tremendous DLC support =/


BF3 was and will always be the real deal

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15 hours ago, YRGS said:

Impossible to find a Gallipoli Operation


People are still achieving it every day. Sometimes you need to be a bit patient and wait for the right mode/map to show up. I've experienced the same thing with some of the other trophy-related modes, but if you're patient they'll usually show. Nothing is unachievable yet.

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On 4/25/2018 at 7:53 PM, YRGS said:

Impossible to find a Gallipoli Operation


Here's an easy way to find the specific game/map you are looking for:

- Under the Multiplayer tab, click Server Browser.

- Second, in Filters, choose the maps you are interested in. You can choose any of the dlc maps.

- Third, and most important, click region and include all regions  for searching. The game initially only has you search your region. Once you open your search to all regions (including Antarctica :hmm:), you will find many games in maps you are interested in. If you are looking for one specific map, it make take a few minutes, but eventually you will find a match. Or, if you are trying to play all the Russia dlc's and only need one map left, pick a game in a Russia map and when that match ends, you may have the option to vote on the map you need. Just hope everyone else votes with you.

Weekends will give you your best luck in finding what you need. Good luck! 

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