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God of War Review Thread


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12 minutes ago, Valyrious said:

EasyAllies - 10/10
PushSquare - 10/10
IGN - 10/10
Polygon - 10/10
Gamespot - 9/10
Playstation Universe - 9.5/10
Gaming Bolt - 10/10
GameInformer - 9.75/10
Destructoid - 10/10

Thread will be updated as reviews trickle in. I'd suggest reading reviews at your discretion, because some will have spoilers.

Could you add which reviews have spoilers?

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Gamespot's review is funny:

The Good:

  • Impeccable presentation
  • The father-son dynamic enhances combat and makes Kratos surprisingly relatable
  • Convincing writing that humanizes the extraordinary supporting cast
  • Kratos' agility and deep repertoire of techniques make him more fun to control than ever
  • Midgard is fantastic to look at and filled with worthwhile side quests
  • Expertly transforms and builds upon the series' established gameplay

The Bad:



Just now, Dragon-Archon said:

Could you add which reviews have spoilers?

I'm not actually reading them, I'm skimming through them. You'll have to take a silver bullet and risk reading at your discretion. I'm not going to read them.

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Not going to post this in the review, but worth a read regardless.


"I don't usually give scores for video games, but God of War is a 10/10 on every scale I can imagine. It is one of the finest crafted single player games of all time. The kind of game you buy a new TV for, to experience it in the best possible way. God of War raises the bar for what video games can do. It does everything so well. It is the best looking game I've ever played, with the best combat, and the best storytelling. It has satisfying progression, and puzzle solving, and exploration, world building and characters."

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8 minutes ago, Deluziion90 said:

Is there any info already available about the trophies?

Trophies were leaked yesterday. They contain spoilers.

Just now, ddracarys said:

What a wonderful collection of bought opinions.

Can't win 'em all. If they got great reviews, they paid them off.

If they get shitty reviews, it's a turd and you should never buy it. 

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Suffice to say, it's not the 98 metacritic that I personally was hoping for, but it's clearly a masterpiece.

Makes me want to rub it in those people's faces that thought the combat was a departure from the series. Maybe that's what the series needed. A fresh breath of air and a new beginning.

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The Guardian (5/5) - "God of War’s world is enormous – set aside at least 30 hours to explore it – but it is devoid of the busy work that plagues similarly ambitious games. Every diversion from the main story is an adventure rather than a task, making exploration worth your while for more than the treasure; some of the best stories here are hidden."

Not posting in OP despite the perfect score, because I don't think this game needs nothing but perfect scores displayed. However, I enjoyed this little tidbit.

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