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PS4 Pro HDR acting weird. HELP. Pics included


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Something is up with my HDR. it was working perfectly yesterday but i started horizon today to play and every time the HDR comes on the screen goes CRAZY. I closed app and it went back to being okay on my XMB. I then opened up Uncharted 4 and it worked until it asked me if i wanted to play in HDR, i pressed yes and the same thing happened. Anybody know what's causing this? The only thing i've done is download the new system software this morning, that's about it. I turn off HDR and it works okay. Again, it was working perfectly last night.


Here's some pics.






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Just now, zer007uk said:

Can you get hold of a another PS4 to check yours aginst?It could be your PS4's Gpu what model PS4 are you using?


I can't get hold of another one. I've been on the past hour with sony customer support and have tried different steps. I think it has to do with the newest system update because it's the only thing i've done differently. Thanks for the response

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19 hours ago, Afro_Gear said:

Oh, I see the problem: you're taking pictures in portrait mode... 1f61c.png

haha ok this made me laugh. you get a +1 from me.

So for anyone interested, somehow the update made my ps4 pro glitch out when HDR mode was used, I had to reinstall it through safe mode and that fixed my hdr. this is so weird. Watch out guys!

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I have had the exact same issues with my PS4 and going into HDR. It really freaked me out and was wondering whether my glorious TV was giving me a kick in the nuts. Turns out, after taking out my HDMi cable that the end completely disintegrated! got a brand new one, and it rarely ever happens. I have also been reading that it is more common in LG OLED tv's, and their compaitibility with the PS4 pro. whatever the case, rest assured that it is not the TV 

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