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Is it possible to use Switch Control with a Sony Wireless Keypad?


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First off. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I wasn't sure if there was a more suitable place to create this thread. 


I am trying to use my Sony wireless keypad to control my iphone via switch control. I am able to connect the keypad to my iphone and it works when I want to input text however when I go to switch control and choose the option to set up a new switch with an external device it does not work. I press a key on the keypad like it says to do but nothing happens. 


I was wondering if there might be something I am doing wrong or if the device simply is not compatible with switch control. One would think that if the keypad connects successfully to the iphone and you are able to use it to input text that you should also be able to use it with switch control as well. 


I was hoping someone with a wireless keypad and an Iphone could help me out with this and explain to me how to set this up. 


I am using it along side the psn message app and mirroring the app to my computer screen. The keypad will let me input text but I also need switch control to send the message and to switch between group messages. 


Another problem I am having is that the on-screen keyboard in the psn message app does not hide when I use the keypad. I was wondering if there is a way to get it to hide so it doesn't take up over half of the screen. 


Thank you! 

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