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Oh this is good, direct from the creators too, nice.

The game is good BTW, really fun.

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On 4/13/2018 at 11:55 AM, RatalaikaGames said:



I wanted to let everyone know that we released a patch to fix the stats saving issue.
But in case you already got a bunch of levels completed you can use this little trick to boost the amount of enemies killed:

  1. Go to options and enable the auto-retry (not needed but makes things easier)
  2. Go to level editor and create a new level
  3. Make a level like this:
  4. Then go try it
  5. Use punch repeatedly, you will kill a bunch of enemies but will be killed on the end but that still count for stats!


I think this could be considered an "in--game exploit" as so no reason to be flaggable I guess...
That's how we tested this trophies.



So awesome you joined us on here for tips and notes. Now if more developers cared for us trophy hunters and their glitchy bull.


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