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"I'm not a robot"


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10 hours ago, SunnyCrappyYT said:

The ones I hate the most are the picture ones. I often fail those. When there's like 1 pixel of sign in another square I'm like "do I include this or not"?

LMAO I get that problem all the time.


I had one earlier where it said click all tiles that include a bridge but it was just a picture on a big bridge looking out that covered all 16 panels. I really despise them. Maybe because I struggle with them I am in fact a robot.

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1 hour ago, LordNeet- said:

Guess you need to go PREMIUM! to remove this.


Oh wait... it still shows up even after giving Slimey @Sly Ripper her $12.99 LOL!

This is only temporary because the server must have been having a lot of bot-like requests. It will disappear for all members eventually- usually within a few days or so. It's happened several times and having it on at certain times was a better solution than always having it on.

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