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Boosting question

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I completed a playthrough of this game a few years ago, I lost my save data though. I decided to buy the full game with dlc again in the sale, and get some more trophies. My question is, to have someone boost me, do I need to complete the story mode again first? After that what is the process. Thank you 

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The boosting has change somewhat since the game first launched. If your character hasn’t finished the story you can’t access the higher difficulties. I think expert is the highest you can go to. You can still be power levelled in the rifts but it’s much slower as you are only on expert. After finishing the story you can access T6 difficulty so it speeds up a bit. Once you have a character at lv70 you can access T13. 


I would advise having a high level player rush you through the story (I took a friend through from start to finish in less than 4hours). After that have him run your characters through rifts to finish the levelling. You could probably get everyone to 70 with the story completed once in about 8hrs (depending on how strong/fast your partner is).


The same process will need to be carried out for your hardcore character as well. 

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