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This trophy is a grind, but if you don't know, there is a good news: progress take over between the superstars you use, if you don't know. Enter at #1 or #2 using the top turnbuckle method, and go on, you will probably get this at #25 or something. 


If you already knew these tips... Good luck, just keep trying. It took me a lot of hours but I got it during my first try. 

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I know this is an old post but for anyone still needing help getting this.

1-Create Custom Match

2-Royal Rumble 30-Man

3-Set Entrance Interval To 180

4-Enter Number 1

5-let your opponent hit you until orange body or head, Once orange either throw opponent into corner or onto apron over and over until second opponent appears

6-Punch both opponents, One of them will attack and put you into recovery state then fight each other leaving you to fully recover


If an opponent is eliminated return to step 5, Also if your eliminated select the next entry and repeat from step 5.

3 times and trophy will be yours, Hope this helped!


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